DREAMS is a transversal and interdisciplinary Research and Innovation (R&I) Unit which covers, in an integrated way, the complex interactions between Man, Natural Systems, Built-in Systems and Technology to contribute for mitigating the negative impacts and risks to the environment and the territory towards a sustainable development within a framework of increasing efficiency of the use of resources, exploiting endogenous resources and, simultaneously, for facing the societal challenges following climate changes, biodiversity and future needs of energy and water.

DREAMS includes researchers from:


Its mission is the development and promotion of research and innovation, scientific and technological dissemination, knowledge transfer, developing actions at regional, national and international level, with European counties, Portuguese-speaking African countries and Brazil.


“Develop transversal and interdisciplinary knowledge and solutions contributing for increasing the efficiency of territory and resources and, simultaneously, for a more competitive, resilient and sustainable economy”.

Priority Areas

  • Research and Innovation – Strengthening research and innovation plays a key role to the development of DREAMS towards the increasing recognition of the R&I Unit at both national and international levels, through the contribution of transversal research activities integrating several areas of knowledge to develop innovative research projects.
  • Transfer of knowledge and dissemination of results – Raising research and innovation results are essential elements for the development of DREAMS in terms of the funding model. For this purpose, DREAMS will participate in both national and European Projects and led to contracts for development and consultancy with companies. Within this framework, it will be crucial to strengthen strategic collaboration partnerships with research and education entities and with companies at regional, national and international level. The dissemination of the research and innovation activities results aims to increase the DREAMS visibility.
  • Researchers integration – The growth of DREAMS is a continuous challenge, residing in the deepening of the collaboration and integration of activities that contribute to increase the number of researchers and the capacity of intervention in the scientific areas of knowledge in which the research unit operates.
  • Institutional Relations and Internationalization- About the relationship with higher education institutions and companies, the Protocols to be established with national and international institutions will be decisive, and it is hoped that they will reap multiple benefits in terms of participation in projects and institutional strengthening. On the other hand, internationalization is a fundamental objective to consolidate DREAMS and increase their activities of research, development and innovation aiming to obtain, also, international founding. For this purpose, the activity at international level should involve participation in European Programs and, whenever possible, in the enlargement to Portuguese-speaking African countries and to Brazil.

Support and Partners