Research Projects

Paul Natura – CONHECER para Proteger.

Institutions: COFAC (ULHT) and Município de Azambuja.

Principal Researcher: Anabela Cruces.

Fundo Ambiental Programme: (Aviso- 7780/2020, 15 de Maio).


Monitoring of biological risk at the screening in LIPOR center / Monitorização do risco biológico no centro de triagem da LIPOR (2020-2021)

Team: Cândida Manuel e Kalina Samardjieva (ULP – Dreams)

It is intended to study the biological risk at the LIPOR screening center and to evaluate the effect of the UV system placed on the ramp of the multi-purpose line. Sampling, analysis and results will be conducted by the DREAMS Research group of Universidade Lusófona do Porto.

▪  Geodynamics in the context of vibrations induced by rail traffic (2021-2022)

Team (proponente): Nuno Correia dos Santos (ULP – Dreams)

Team (partner): Amir Kaynia (NGI)

Funding: EEA Grants – Fundo de Relações Bilaterais

This bilateral initiative is based on the exchange of experiences (knowledge and skills) regarding soil dynamics, namely in the context of vibrations generated by traffic.

In the context of the tasks to develop in Portugal, the organization of a seminar at ULP is planned, which includes the special participation of Amir Kaynia (NGI specialist). Additionally, an (short) advanced course, focused on soil dynamics, will be coordinated by Amir Kaynia. The seminar (as well as the advanced course) will be interesting for professionals in the area, as well as teachers, researchers and students.

In what concerns the mobility to Norway, a visit to the facilities (laboratories and others) of the NGI is planned, as well as a meeting with specialists from the institution. There will also be a presentation by Nuno Correia dos Santos, focused on the issue of vibrations generated by traffic.

With the proposed initiative, it is intended to strengthen relations and define collaborations (for example, aiming at joint research proposals to national and EC programs).


Fórum Oceano – Association of Maritime Economy is a private non-profit corporate body, which aims to promote the Maritime Economy. Association has more than 100 members connected to many sectors of the Sea economy.

DREAMS became a HUMANIST member, which represented a networking opportunity to share ideas and identifying new research needs.

HUMANIST (Human-Centred Design for Information Society Technologies) is a research network resulting from the EC funded HUMANIST Network of Excellence from FP6.

HUMANIST acts as a Virtual Centre for Excellence promoting research and the continuous creation of new generations of researches.

Thus, HUMANIST is organised in thematic groups nurturing and fostering new research needs and related rationales for new research projects.

This membership had important effects onto new dynamics within DREAMS resulting from the discussion within the thematic groups and the participation in HUMANIST events: the HUMANIST Conference organised each two years, the Summer Schools organised by any member and the two annual meetings.

CIICLAA – Centro Internacional de Investigação e Aplicações para a CPLP e África (International Research and Applications Center for CPLP and Africa)