• Application Deadline September 30, 2019
  • Start date October 15, 2019
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Course Presentation

The Postgraduate Course in Circular Economics is multidisciplinary, with seminars in various areas and interactive technical visits that prepare students for managing material flows, sustainable development and the green economy. The world flow management market is very dynamic and offers huge growth rates. Companies involved in this business sector are in rapid development creating a new paradigm in the economy. In the job market, companies are looking for highly qualified agents with strategic vision for the future. Qualified professionals such as consultants, project managers or business managers have excellent opportunities in this area at local, national and international levels. We are looking for the next generation of leaders. The Postgraduate Degree in Circular Economics combines knowledge of engineering, economics, law and social and natural sciences in the education of competent professionals capable of facing the 21st century global development processes. Throughout this postgraduate course, the concepts of “Material Flow Management”, “Sustainable Business Development”, “Circular Economy”, “Sustainable Society”, “Zero Emissions” and the extraordinary business opportunities in these emerging areas will be introduced. . Future leaders will be responsible for projects and business ideas throughout the postgraduate course, working closely with small and medium-sized enterprises, gathering extensive practical experience and building their knowledge networks.



Course Direction

Adília Januário Charmier / Cândida Rocha

Executive Coordination

Carlos Oliveira Augusto


Susana Morgado

Admission Conditions

It is intended for holders with a Bachelor Degree or legal equivalent or for candidates with a School, Scientific or Professional Curriculum, which is recognized as attesting the ability to perform the Graduate.

Graduation Requirements

Have completed a total of 32 ECTS


Graduate involves students in the development of concrete and real projects, fosters business ideas and cooperation with small and medium enterprises. It aims to qualify professionals in response to various environmental fields, providing the student with hands-on experience of national and international case studies and an international network of contacts.


If you have a strong interest in developing new business solutions in the area of ​​Environment and Management you can apply.

Knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired

Students will gain hands-on experience with guidance from top professionals at international companies or research institutes. We offer an innovative and interdisciplinary program in Material Flow Management. This is a postgraduate degree with national and international professors in close partnership with the University of Applied Sciences of Trier in Germany.

Professional Outlets

ULHT proposes two independent Circular Economics Postgraduate Studies (Postgraduate I-Environment as a Sustainability Factor and Postgraduate II- Material Flow Management). The student who holds the two postgraduate degrees obtains equivalence to the year of the German Master’s Degree IMAT- Master in International Flow Management at the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IFAS) at the University of Trier of Applied Sciences located at Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (ECB) , Germany. The candidate can join the IMAT-Master, complete his training in Germany in one semester (October to February) obtaining the degree of Master.


Students must pass all Graduate modules. The evaluation criteria will be: theoretical exposition of the syllabus with final exam, critical discussion of texts and analysis of case studies.


Holders of Foreign Higher Education 300 €

Holders / Non-Holders 30 €


School Insurance 40 €

Registration  182 €


Monthly Fee 275 €

Number of monthly installments 9

Total Fee 2475 €

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