António Viana de Almeida Tomé

Collaborator Researcher


Degree: Full Professor. Doctorate in International Relations, Geopolitics and Geostrategy, variant Aerospace Power.He joined the ULHT by invitation in 1991, having been nominated to create the GGRI-I and GGRI-II CUs that he still teaches and ministrate. He is also a Lecturer and teaches the CU HMCRI, GDSS and Atmospheric Meteorology Management. Two Masters in ISCSP. Director of the then Faculty of Aeronautical Sciences. He was a commentator on the International Situation – RI in RTP, TVI and TVI24.Prior to that he was Air Force Pilot Officer, responsible for several Departments and Operational and Logistics Organs and Commander of two Portuguese Airbases. In NATO he was a military representative for the Western European Air Defense, culminating as Head of the Portuguese Military Mission to the Southern Command of NATO, Italy. Admitted to the Portuguese Embassy in Rome.