Elsa Paula Morgado de Sampaio

Integrated Researcher



Elsa Paula Morgado de Sampaio was born in 1960, graduated in Agronomic Engineering from the University of Évora (UE) in 1984 and completed a PhD in Agronomic Sciences from University of Évora in 2003.

Currently and since 1987, she is a Professor of Pedology in Geosciences Department of University of Évora and Integrated Member in ICAAM (Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Mediterranean) inserted in the research group SWC (Soil, Water and Climate).His main areas of research and teaching are Pedology, Desertification, Environmental Risks, Relationship between Climate Change / Land Use and Soil Quality, and Land Evaluation participating in several projects, both national and European.

Well as working at the University, provided many services in the Regional Direction of Planning and Coordination of Alentejo Region as an expert on Desertification (1984/1988) and in CNCCD (National Committee of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification) since 2008.