Isilda Augusta Cunha Menezes

Collaborator Researcher


Isilda Augusta Luis Pereira da Cunha Menezes, as a degree in Geophysical Sciences, Meteorological variant (5 years) from University of Lisboa. She has masters in Climate and Atmospheric Environment (3 years), and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences, Forestry Sciences specialty (6 years) from the University of Évora. Since 2002, work as Research Assistant in projects, namely on the area of the Climatic Information System of the State of the Sea for Support or Sustainability Development; Modelling the Impact of Climate Extremes; Assessing and Monitoring Desertification; in Holocene climatic record in calcareous tuffs and lacustrine sediments associated; in the Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change through the promotion of Alternative Energies and in Environment, and Agro-Chains and Technology. Between Set/2004 and Mai/2005 taught practical lesson of General Physics II, General Physics and Physics II disciplines as a collaborator of the University of Évora. Her research interests are, regional and global meteorological modeling, and in her Ph.D. developed a weather/spread fire system. Other interests are extremes and dry events associated with climate changes in the past and future scenarios, and since 2017 develop an ecophysiological/climate/radiation model to predict and mitigate climate change impacts on vineyard production. Between 2007 and 2012, developed the design and implemented on a web page of the weather forecast and climate system simulated by the Atmospheric model of Mesoscale BRAMS, for Portugal, and since 2017, does this implementation, for WRF atmospheric model.