Luís Manuel Monteiro Alves

Integrated Researcher


In 1990, I was awarded a PhD with a thesis on “Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences” by the University of Arizona (USA). I have been involved throughout my career in several research projects, teaching and various dissemination activities. I am currently a Senior Research at OMNIDEA Aerospace Technology and Energy Systems, an innovative SME performing R&D in pioneering energy concepts and processes, located at the University Nova of Lisbon. I am also a Professor at the University Lusophone of Humanities and Technologies of Lisbon.

I had worked for 12 years as a Research Scientist in Energy and Environment at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) at the Technical University of Lisbon. I was involved in more than 30 R&D projects related to energy, environment and climate change, new and renewable energies in islands and remote regions, mostly funded by the European Commission and related institutions. From my research work, I have published or participated in the publication of more than 50 scientific articles in international and Portuguese scientific journals and conferences.

I have relevant professional experience as consultant for environment for the United Nation Development Program, United Nations Commission for Science and Technology for Development, World Meteorological Organization and the World Bank. I have held top positions at the Ministry Departments in Cape Verde, where I was born. Among these, I was Director of the General Directorate of Higher Education and Science at the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports from April 1997 to June 1998; Chairman, National Commission for the Installation of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, from July 1997 to June 1998.