Márcia Lima

Integrated Researcher



Márcia Lima completed the Integrated Master of Civil Engineering in 2011, with a final score of 16 points. Also in 2011, he was awarded an individual doctoral scholarship by the Foundation for Science and Technology, which started in 2012. Between 2012 and 2015 she developed his doctoral work (at the University of Aveiro and the University of Lund, Sweden). Since 2016 she has started her duties at ANQIP, National Association for the Quality of Building Facilities, as a technical auditor and researcher. Between January and July 2018, she worked as a researcher in the MarRisk project at the University of Aveiro, and in May 2018 defended the PhD Thesis.

She is currently part of the R5e Consulting Engineers team, as a Civil Engineer (specializing in Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering) and is a Professor at Lusófona University post-employment. He has been a member of the Engineer Council (Effective Member No. 68485) since 2012 and has had a CCP as a trainer, also since 2012. He is a member of the RISCO Research Unit (Aveiro Research Center of RIsks and Sustainability in Construction).

During her master’s and PhD, both in the area of Coastal and Port Engineering, Márcia Lima developed programs for numerical modeling of coastal structures, namely, pre-sizing, shoreline evolution and cost-benefit analysis in Portuguese. C # programming.