Ricardo Gaio Alves

Integrated Researcher



Ricardo Gaio Alves -Academic and professional qualifications

1996-2000: Ph. D. in theoretical particle physics, with the thesis A Convergent Reformulation of Perturbative QCD (Durham University, UK)

1995-96: Master in Sciences in «Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces» , with the dissertation The Delta expansion and an application to the Polyakov line , with a final grade of A+ (Imperial College, London University, UK).

1989-95: Bachelors degree in Engenharia Física Tecnológica with a final average mark of 16 out of 20 (Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal)

1995 : Member of Ordem dos Engenheiros (“Engenharia Electrotécnica”´s department) with the number 39266.