Sérgio Bruno Costa

Collaborator Researcher



Sérgio Bruno Costa, graduated in Environmental Engineering in 2001 and Master in Environmental Systems Engineering in 2018 from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
He has been a Senior Water Expert and Team Leader consultant to the National Institute of Water Resources of Angola,  and he is Executive Director at Simbiente Chile – Ingeniería y Gestión Ambiental, Simbiente Açores – Engineering and Environmental Management and Simbiente – Engineering and Environmental Management, Board Member of the Portuguese Institute of Engineers (since 2007) and Invited Professor at the University Lusófona of Porto. He also undertook lecture activities for graduations and MSc. in several universities since 2007, and participated in internationally funded R&D projects.
Published one article in journals, and has one chapter of a book, he also has a book. Received two awards and honors. He works in the area of Natural Sciences, with emphasis on Earth and Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Technology with emphasis on Environmental Biotechnology, Social Sciences with emphasis on Economic and Social Geography, Social Sciences with emphasis on Economics and Management and Social Sciences with emphasis on Educational Sciences. In his professional activities, he interacted with 25 collaborators in co-authoring of scientific works.