Susana Isabel Rodrigues dos Santos

Integrated Researcher


Susana Santos majored in Genetics and Microbiology at Lisbon’s Faculty of Sciences and stated researching molecular mechanism of phage-host interactions relevant to the industrial fermentation processes carried out by lactic acid bacteria. She holds a PhD in Molecular Biology (Lisbon’s Faculty of Sciences) were proceed with the previous work and developed novel approaches.
She holds a Post-Doc in Molecular Biology (Lisbon´s Faculty of Pharmacy) developing her research in the subject of Genetics of Cardiovascular Diseases. As a researcher of Lisbon´s Faculty of Pharmacy and Lisbon´s Instituto Superior Técnico she coordinated one national project (Cardiogenetics) and participated in more than 10 national projects (Cardiogenetics and Cancer). This gave her experience of applying scientific knowledge to Healthcare.
In 2009 she becomes Assistant Professor at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias of several subjects related to Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Biotechnology.
In 2013 she became a co-founder of the start-up HeartGenetics, Genetics and Biotechnology. In HeartGenetics she was Chief of Technology Officer and Director of Quality Management System. HeartGenetics pioneers a methodology that integrate Genomics and Computational Technologies to make available innovative knowledge that helps Healthcare providers to promote Wellness, prevent illness and diagnose diseases.
Research interests focus on applying nutrigenetics based-knowledge which may potentially transform nutrition and dietetic practice. Also interested in biotechnology strategies for therapeutical or nutraceutical purposes. Her main interest is in applying scientific knowledge to healthcare and wellness.